How Remote Staff Does Offshore Labour Hire

Since 2007, Remote Staff has been providing businesses with outsourced staff through its staffing solutions business model and defying the complexities of offshore labour hire.


Remote Staff supplies international human resources to Australian companies nationally by purpose hiring full time or part time offshore staff  then sub-contracting them to work directly with you as your virtual staff accessible through the internet and phone.


Depending on skills, we offer offshore staff  working at home or from our  office located at Makati, Philippines. We strive to always help build trust, protect our clients from risk, provide our clients with industry best practices, strict confidentiality and value added services where possible.


At Remote Staff we make every effort so your experience working with offshore staff remotely is an experience you can feel confident works to your satisfaction. We help make this possible by offering you a HR manager with every offshore staff outsourced, giving you the confidence that staff will be online and on-time.




We also provide screen snapshot tools designed to help you manage the work as its happening. Our online time sheets, communications rules as well as many other tools are all designed to help you manage and work more effectively with your remote offshore team.

remote staff office

Remote Staff offers professional services to all our applicants regardless of race, colour, religion, national origin, age, sex, income level, creed, marital status or physical handicap.

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