How Remote Work Has Evolved Over Time

How Remote Work Has Evolved Over Time 960 641 Remote Staff
How Remote Work Has Evolved Over Time

As cliché as it is, “change” is the only thing constant in this world. It is the most inevitable phase of evolution. Relative to “time”, perhaps “change” has a different facade — whether through anticipation, vote, experimentation or need.  

Work and change is what makes us Human. The main contributing factor that makes us feel and want to achieve more. This is what separates us, Homo sapiens, to other living things. Some may say it’s because of religion, freedom or love. But these two concepts are both the reason and result. 

Back then, having a full office career is the only way to go if you want to have a stable cash flow. But with the drastic changes in travel time caused by the traffic, your then 20-minute travel takes forever now. Imagine having the same number of people going to the same place. All with the same goal, motives and hunger for work. You have to fight against so many things, that it’s getting difficult to get a stable office career.

Let’s say you wake up 6:00 AM (5:00 AM if you have a child). You begin your day by preparing your armor — a cup of coffee for a sword, and a good breakfast meal for your shield. After that, you then begin your travel. Yes, travel. It takes so long to get to your office, it feels as if you’re going backpacking. 

Nine hours of tirelessly working, then you come back home, back to your family. Most people would say their reasons for working are because they’re doing it for their families. It gets you asking then whether or not you’re striving to do all these work to get a glimpse of what we are supposed to be or ought to be getting?

While working in the office can still be the best solution for most companies, outsourcing should be put into consideration. 

Outsourcing to the Philippines was embraced wholeheartedly since the concept of family is deeply rooted to the culture of Filipinos. Filipinos are working because they want to give their children proper education.  They work because they want to buy themselves a house for their family. Some work for long hours because they want to give the best health care for their parents. Given with the slightest opportunity to increase their chances of being with their families, Filipinos will surely grab it without hesitation.

Outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing.

You’re giving people the best of both worlds, if you give workers more flexible time and eliminate all the inconveniences present. Reducing their stress can increase their productivity. You are giving someone a chance to breathe!

Does Outsourcing give you any guarantees? Yes! We are now in a world full of high technologies, where everything is within our reach. We have systems that make everything work. Just like Remote Staff Inc., an Australian company that helps small businesses in Outsourcing to the Philippines. Their technology to which clients can monitor their Remote employees’ work are made available. Not only does Remote Staff provide staffing solutions to its clients, but also job opportunities to Filipinos.

Studies have shown working remotely increases employee engagement, but in moderation, because there is still value in the relationships nurtured when colleagues are face to face. According to a report this year from Gallup, the most engaged employees are those who work off-site with about three to four days out of a five-day workweek.

Remote Work has evolved out of necessities as the world becomes busier as the time clicks, it naturally responds to the challenge that it brings whether we relentlessly survived the daily task ahead or pursue change but worker will tend to go back to their comfort zone always and that is Home.