Tips in Keeping a Remote Team Agile

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Tips in Keeping a Remote Team Agile

Agile teams in a remote work environment may not be ideal, but it is definitely not impossible. When outsourcing to the Philippines, it is an absolute must that managers ensure that their remote teams stay sharp. While there are benefits to working on projects remotely, the risk of encountering miscommunication among its members might not sit well with uneasy managers. Miscommunication, in terms of not being able to agree with one another.  If they’re not all on the same boat, it can greatly affect the whole team’s productivity.

Outsourcing to the Philippines enables companies to choose candidates suitable for their needs from anywhere in the country.  The question here though is how will they be able to work in a project when meetings are only done online? What is the assurance that a job can be done when they’re in the comfort of their own home? How does a remote team stay agile?

Here we have prepared you three tips to keep your team agile:


Establish collaborative norms within the team.  Making them eager and enthusiastic about bringing new ideas and initiatives, as well as brainstorming with others.  And when we say collaboration within the team, remote managers are expected to be involved in the process too. Having to work with your remote team on a collaborative project for proper guidance and alignment. This is is also for remote managers to monitor of their progress and spectate to see if each members are contributing.


A good remote manager plans early and creates a clear road map for their remote teams to follow. No time will be wasted if there is already a clear vision or goal at hand.  Allowing the team to take their time and letting them think as they go by the rest of their day rather than giving them a time limit to brainstorm ideas.

Remote teams that are well aware of the issues that needs to be fixed have more time to prepare and brainstorm solutions to solve the problem. Despite of outsourcing your remote staff to the Philippines, remote teams also have different schedules or even with prior commitments.  Informing your team ahead of time about future plans and possible issues can help them be organized with their plans.


It is impossible for any team to thrive and get the job done without building rapport and establishing mutual support. When remote workers are exposed to a supportive working environment, they’ll be able to tear down social barriers that hinders them to engage more with the team. It is important to take note that remote teams are more accustomed to working individually.  This is why building strong bonds that extend beyond the business realm will enable teams, remote or not, to share ideas more without the fear of having criticisms taken the wrong way or misinterpreted by the others.

Remote teams should not only rely on group chat and video calls, it is necessary for them to meet face-to-face everyone once in a while. Let’s admit it, nothing beats face-to-face interactions. In order build a strong team spirit and great trust to the rest of the team, let their relationship grow outside of the group chat.

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