Top trends in Remote Working

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Top trends in Remote Working

Did you know that Remote Working has been around since the early 1970’s? However, it was only recent that it had been widely adapted due to the new technologies of the modern age.  It has been said that by 2020, governments in certain countries would aim to provide far more opportunities for citizens to work remotely. This means a greater opportunity in outsourcing to the Philippines. The country is said to be one of the top selected among countries who provide affordable and cost-efficient employment.

Modern companies are now eager to make significant changes in work styles. This embraces the liberty to work from home or remote staff from their primary location.

Below are the top perceptions on why Remote Staffing works:

Longer tenure if offered remote work

According to a study, 80% of employees mentioned that they would likely stay longer with an existing employer given if they are offered with the flexibility of working from home.  Most of the respondents, who are women, expressed greater interest and capacity compared to men, when 85% of women agreed. When most women are often stay-at-home moms. Having the ability to be a full time mommy while earning for the family.

Salary pay is not really a factor

Though of course, any individual would always base their decisions on the salary being offered.  But when given the opportunity to be virtually employed or home based, any person would then think twice.  Most people are prepared to forego a percentage of their pay in exchange for a more flexible work arrangement.  

Working from home equals to more productivity

When outsourcing to the Philippines, Filipinos agree that they are more productive when working from home.  Avoiding the heavy traffic of the metro, without needing to buy expensive wardrobe for everyday office wear, without setting aside transportation allowances, this makes it more common for Filipinos nowadays to be practical while earning.  

A lot of highly skilled professionals would rather work in the comfort of their homes or even in a cafe, where they get to avoid the stressful environment of a typical office set up and a typical office employee. This includes the stress acquired from the heavy traffic and frustrating public transport systems.

Filipinos spend most of their time working

Filipinos are known to be very career or work-driven. This makes them internationally competitive in the global corporate arena.  Which is why outsourcing to the Philippines has now become a trend when hiring remote workers for businesses.

Filipinos also love to keep themselves busy, where half of the population who work in an office would have online side-jobs. These are the people who never say no to an extra income.

Popular and productive for introverts

In the modern age where socializing can be done through social media, meetings can be done virtually. Even scouting for a romantic partner can also be done through the web, building more introverts than ever.This is basically the reason why introverts are now a growing population, having people prefer remote work than office-based jobs.