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Why You Should Contract Expert Offshore Staff from the Philippines

bayanihanWith today’s growing demand for skilled and multi-talented staff, some countries are experiencing evident vacancies in their labor markets and a shortage of qualified applicants.


This is one of the many reasons that the staff outsourcing industry has boomed.


Technically called Business Process Outsourcing, BPO is now considered as one of the big businesses in many developing countries such as the Philippines, India, China, Russia and South America.


Countless US, European and Australian large companies have started outsourcing staff for accounting, IT, services and manufacturing positions from these countries in the last few years.


Cutting cost without sacrificing product quality is the primary reason why a growing number of companies and business owners are turning to offshore staff.


The amazingly cost effective labor prices are not because these employees possess lesser skill, nor are they inferior to their western counterparts. It is merely because there is an abundance of young professionals in most developing countries.


Aside from that, the exchange rate gap between the dollar and their own currencies remain miles-wide. Imagine having a qualified and experienced IT offshore staff working on your projects 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for just 30 percent of your local staff cost!


This is why even small and medium business can enjoy the benefits of having a virtual staff or even a whole team of outsourced staff.


Super Filipino ProfessionalsIt is no small wonder why scores of multinational companies are currently trooping to the Philippines to fill their IT offshore staff needs. They find it easy to deal with outsourced staff from this country mainly due to the Filipino people’s excellent English speaking abilities, high educational attainment and corporate experience, as well as their affinity to Western culture.


Hiring offshore staff gives you savings and a global edge over your competitors. With the countless benefits in store for business, hiring offshore staff has grown to become one hot topic among business leaders in the global community.


If the idea of staff outsourcing is new to you, then you are definitely missing out on a lot.


But we understand…deciding to use offshore staff for the first time is really difficult.


It is normal to have reservations and apprehensions as to the quality of their work and commitment to the job. Think Innovations Remote Staff service has taken note of these issues and has worked towards perfecting a system that would foster both trust and a corporate atmosphere between employers and their contracted offshore staff.


Through personal relationships, communication and an elaborate monitoring system, an offshore staff provider would be able to bring about ideal and effective collaboration between the employer and their virtual staff.


An outsourcing company could guarantee business owners and companies the best value for money by:

  • Finding the right outsource staff to match your criteria and project description.
  • Working on building trust between you and your offshore staff.
  • Establishing effective communication and wage billing rules.
  • Focusing on reducing risk by providing clients with a monitoring screen shot tool and an HR service to monitor staff daily. (By this, clients are assured their offshore staff are working hard, are online every day, and start work on-time)
  • Ensuring more productivity, flexibility, increased capacity, and savings of up to 70% for your company


outsource vs hireOne quality of an effective outsourcing company is having a steady pool of professional expert staff from different parts of the Philippines.


It should also be committed on giving you the advantage of contracting one dedicated offshore staff to as many as 50 – practically several departments of – skilled, efficient, experienced, and trustworthy virtual staff working exclusively for you and your company.


Then, you’ll be provided with Filipino Professionals who have:

  • Confidence in speaking and understanding English.
  • A working computer with a reliable broadband service.
  • A quiet and private room to work from.
  • Pride and commitment for home-based jobs; and –
  • A set of skills to meet the employer’s level of expectations.

outsourcing more fun in the philippines

Each year, more and more Filipino Professionals are challenged with the choice to leave for abroad for income potential and professional growth. But with the pressing demand for outsource staff, this kind of success can be achieved without having to leave their homes.


Within the last 10 years, a large number of offshore offices has mushroomed in the Philippines, and even with the current trend on favoring Filipinos, more and more professionals are looking into the option of working from home as a contracted offshore staff.


A good outsourcing company can help arm your business with a competitive tool for today’s global economy. You can start enjoying the advantages and benefits of global trends by developing your company’s human resource through its offshore staff services.

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